Centrifugal Air Compressor Manufacturer from China

All of our centrifugal air compressors are custom designed and built for individual customer needs for a variety of applications. Our centrifugal air compressors are manufactured with a highly engineered air flow components, designed for easy, low-cost installation and operation.

Why Choose Us?

Energy Efficiency

Inlet Guide Vane. High-Powered Impellers. Diffusers

Low Maintenance & Maximum Reliability

Power Coupling. Easily Accessible Coolers. Aerodynamic Inlets. Labyrinth Shaft Seals. Bull Gear Bearings

Ease of Operation

Advanced PLC Control System. Non-Contacting Internal Components. Anti-Reverse Rotation Main Shaft Oil Pump

Stability & Vibration Reduction

Single-Piece Gear Box with Integrated Coolers. Tilting Pad Journal Bearings. Thrust Collars

Low Total Cost of Ownership

Initial investment: up-to 1/3 lower than other branded centrifugal air compressors. Low Energy Consumption and Maintenance Cost.

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